Data Door

Who We Are


Matthew Firth

Co-Founder & CEO

Matthew realized his passion for real estate at a very young age, purchasing his first home at 19 and has since raised in excess of $25MM from accredited investors for various real estate investments and technology ventures, with 17 successfully syndicated real estate investments since 2011.   

Matthew has established an impeccable track-record for building high-performing teams achieving ambitious technology breakthroughs and business goals, having served as a co-founder or C-Level executive at 7 companies since 2010.


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Soroush Pourreza

Co-Founder & CTO

Soroush has extensive software engineering capabilities earned from both personal projects and relevant experience in Corporate America specific to IoT devices.  Soroush has been immersed in the study of computers, programming, and the Internet for as long as he can remember, beginning coding at the age of 15.  Soroush earned a MS in Computer Science from California State University Long Beach in 2013.  Soroush has held Senior Positions with Companies including Beats by Dre (focused on firmware upgrading), Apple (focused on Bluetooth stack), and Disney (Staff Software Engineer leading Backend efforts at MoviesAnywhere) where, collectively, he has built software applications with budgets in excess of $10MM and 5-25+ team members.  While not working on making our physical world smarter and safer at DataDoor, Soroush enjoys cycling, playing piano, and reading biographies, philosophy, and science history. 


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