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Matthew Firth, Co-Founder and CEO of Datadoor

  • Matthew realized his passion for real estate at a very young age, purchasing his first home at 19.

  • Served as a co-founder or C-Level executive at 7 companies since 2010, with a proven track record for building high-performing teams achieving ambitious venture-backed technology breakthroughs and business goals.

  • Has raised in excess of $35MM from accredited investors for various real estate investments and technology ventures and has been directly responsible for managing 19 successfully syndicated real estate investments since 2011.  

  • Earned a dual degree in Finance and Business Management from the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona in 2005.

Matthew Firth
Co-Founder & CEO

Soroush Pourreza, Co-Founder and CTO of Datadoor

Soroush Pourreza
Co-Founder & CTO

  • Soroush has built software applications with budgets in excess of $10MM and 5-25+ team members and has been immersed in the study of computers, programming, and the Internet for as long as he can remember, beginning coding at the age of 15.  

  • Soroush started his career at Beats by Dre (2013), building the firmware upgrading app for devices, then continued his journey at Apple (2014) where he mostly worked on Bluetooth stack and a firmware upgrade app.  Soroush then moved to Disney (2015 - 2022) where was the Android tech lead for Disney Movies Anywhere and Movies Anywhere and then moved to the tech lead on the backend team.  Following Disney, he moved to Amazon to work as a full stack engineer.

  • Earned a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from California State University Long Beach in 2013.

Brett Morrison, Datadoor Board of Directors Member

Brett Morrison
Board of Directors Member

  • Founded 4 companies, with 2 successful exits.

  • Co-Founder, CTO, and Board of Directors of Onestop Internet.

  • Founder & CEO of TrueVote.

  • Senior roles with SpaceX and Incroud.

  •  Raised 6 VC rounds as an entrepreneur.

Conor Weir, Datadoor Board of Directors Member

Conor Weir
Board of Directors Member

  • Founded/ Successfully exited 2 Companies.

  • 5 years management consulting - Deloitte & Accenture.

  • Owns /Manages Retirement Builders, an institutional wealth management company.

  • MBA in Finance & Economics from Oxford University, England.

Jeremy Lehman - Datadoor Advisor

Jeremy Lehman

  • Branch Manager and Realtor with Seven Gables Real Estate, a luxury real estate company servicing Orange County and surrounding areas.

  • Director and Past President, Pacific West Association of Realtors. 

  • Director, National Association of Realtors.

  • Director, California Association of Realtors.

  • Inman News Top 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders for 2014.

Jeremy Lehman

Jerry Schuman - Datadoor Chief Digital Officer

Jerry Schuman
Chief Digital Officer

  • Significant experience pioneering systems architecture around the development of Internet-based enterprise applications across multiple industries since the inception of the Internet.  

  • Serial entrepreneur who has co-founded numerous venture-backed startups including Flashpoint Systems (1993, acquired in 1995), VERSIFI (1998, acquired in 2000), Personas (2008), PingThings (2014), and Fliite (2019). 

  • Held C-level positions at several additional companies, including CTO at Geminos (2019 - Present) and has served as a senior advisor to dozens of companies, most recently at Delphire (2021 - present).

Casper Wypych - Datadoor Lead Hardware Engineer

Casper Wypych
Lead Hardware Engineer

  • Significant senior leadership positions held, including Sr. Engineering team lead at Harbor Freight.

  • Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from USC.

  • Executive MBA from Pepperdine University.

Julian Antonacci - Datadoor Lead Embedded Systems Engineer

Julian Antonacci
Lead Embedded Systems Engineer

  • Experienced Electronic Engineer with 10 years of electronic hardware design (Analog & Digital).

  • Electronic circuits' professor at the Mar Del Plata National University at Argentina.

Andrew Namminga - Datadoor Industrial Designer and Production Engineer Lead

Andrew Namminga
Industrial Designer and Production Engineer Lead


  • Industrial design and manufacturing engineers with offices in Southern California, Shenzhen, China, and Austin, Texas. 

  • In-depth understanding of the logistics of international manufacturing and production wisdom gleaned from experience manufacturing millions of units.

  • Has designed and coordinated the production of widgets including phone cases, car accessories, water bottles, medical devices, countless consumer electronics, large installations, and childproof packaging, to name a few. 

  • Bachelor’s Degree, Mechanical Engineering from California State Polytechnic University - Pomona and Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design and Business Marketing from Calfiornia State University Long Beach

Matt Savarick - Datadoor Advisor

Matt Savarick

  • Founder, executive, and relationship coaching practice has been forged through his peerless principles of integrity and accountability coupled with his education in neuroscience, integrative biology, and organizational psychology

  • Coach Matt brings a broad senior executive portfolio to his coaching practice with executive leadership positions spanning sales, marketing, customer success, operations, and L&D at industry leaders such as Stryker, Headspace Health, TriNet, Talkspace, Equinox, and LetsGetChecked.

  • Keen diagnostic skill, depth and range of coaching mastery, practical first-hand experience, mindfulness and mindset expertise, and comprehensive business acumen

  • For more information about Coach Matt and his commitment to supporting founders, executives, and employees with peak performance, professionally and personally, please visit his website at

Jared Fuller - Founder of Chaos to Beauty Creative Group and Datadoor Director of Marketing

Jared Fuller
Director of Marketing

  • Owns and operates boutique creative agency

  • Assisted over 10 startups reach 1 million and above in yearly revenue.

  • Consults for several Fortune 500 Companies.

  • Clients include Toyota, Nike, Hilton, Budweiser, and Cleveland Golf

Matthew Lee - Datadoor Back-end Intern

Matthew Lee
Back-end Intern

  • Current Computer Science undergraduate student at CSULB.  

  • Matthew is a non-traditional student returning to school after roughly 7+ years of full-stack software development experience.

  • During free time, he enjoys learning new things on educational Youtube channels, working out, and playing video games.

Yashua Ovando - Datadoor Computer Vision Engineer

Yashua Ovando
Computer Vision Engineer 

  • Master's Degree in Computer Science from CSULB. 

  • Significant expertise utilizing computer vision, artificial intelligence, and related implementations.

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