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DataDoor was founded by real estate brokers and technologists for the benefit of all real estate professionals. Our foundational goals and core values include:

Improving the quality and quantity of prospect leads. 
Generating more listing leads.
Matching property buyer and tenant leads with the right listing.
Decreasing the cost of customer acquisition.
Closing more sales in less time.



Provide Insights

Data Door's GENIEBOX provides prospective buyers and tenants with rich, intelligent, streamlined information, well beyond what’s found online. 

Build Credibility

Data Door's GENIEBOX is a reliable source of real-world behaviors at the property level. These insights elevate the credibility of the agent and the entirety of the real estate profession

Elevate Marketing

Contrary to conventional technology companies, DataDoor is passionate about elevating and growing an agent’s marketing savvy as opposed to eliminating or diminishing their role.

Our Promise

Our company by-laws have an unchangeable policy that will never allow DataDoor to be sold to or majority controlled by any one brokerage -- or to companies like Zillow and  You have it in writing.

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If you’re an agent, brokerage, property manager or real estate marketing professional, you can now pre-order your GENIEBOX! Be one of the first 200 customers with this state-of-the-art digital billboard at your property. 


Your Data, Not Ours

For far too long, the real estate industry has given data to other companies with zero compensation and without any control over who uses it.


At DataDoor, that practice ends now. DataDoor does not own, nor will we sell, your data. You, and only you, control who receives it.  And why.

Retain Customer Anonymity

We’re proud to be one of the first companies to take no ownership of your data. Our customer’s anonymity is the first discussion topic for any product decision at DataDoor.


Our corporate beliefs include:

- People should know when, why, how and by

whom data is collected

- We make sure no one is tracked or “cookied”

- We give ownership of any data to the agent and their client

5 Ways GENIEBOX Helps Agent's Consumer Value.


With the goal of providing credible happenings of the property, DataDoor’s GENIEBOX aims to reduce misunderstandings between agent and client. The GENIEBOX provides credible, real-time insights enabling agents to build trustworthy relationships with potential clients by providing reliable insights and explanations to clients.

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