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Sell smarter.  Create visual impact, it even lights up at night to attract shoppers Enhance the appeal of your property Set your price more competitively with real-world analytics Work with best-in-class real estate agents



Unlock the Sidewalk. The game-changing device that makes real estate faster, easier, and more fun for agents and consumers alike. 


Push, Talk,Trust, Close

Next Level 
Curbside Engagement

Our platform is designed to empower agents and marketers with predictive, real-time insights that help drive smarter, safer, and sustainable neighborhoods. Utilizing our patented GENIEBOX technology, we provide instant, confidential access to property insights at the touch of a button, allowing your customers to make informed decisions and for you to stay ahead of the game. Join us in revolutionizing the real estate industry with real-world data-driven insights and exceptional communication.

Video Experience

Showcase the Property, Listing Agent, Floorplans, & More. 

With high-resolution video, you can now play property videos that showcase interior features, floorplans and more. The visual impact of GENIEBOX enhances the perception of the property at the sidewalk, your brand and takes your curbside marketing to the next level.

Through its innovative design and state-of-the-art features, GENIEBOX offers Buyers, Sellers, and Sellers features that no other yard sign can.
Only GENIEBOX has an innovative push-to-talk button that allows listing agents and property managers to build instant rapport by speaking directly to potential shoppers. When an interested party connects live via the button located conveniently on the side of GENIEBOX, research shows they’re 4x more likely to work with you.

Instantly connect with an interested prospect at the curb.  DataDoor’s innovative push-to-talk button allows listing agents and property managers the opportunity to build instant rapport by speaking directly to potential shoppers.   When an interested party connects live via the push-to-talk button located conveniently on the side of GENIEBOX, they’re four times more likely to work exclusively with you.

GENIEBOX sits on top of standard real estate signs collecting physical world data 24/7. By utilizing sensors, cameras and computer vision, its unique ability to capture never-before-available data helps you sell homes faster using data shoppers will never find on the internet: • Vehicle traffic, frequency and speed • Foot traffic frequency • Levels of sunlight, noise, temperature, wind, humidity and more • Crime deterrence and prevention
Data That Sells
Insights that Empower

Only GENIEBOX gives you intelligent, specific and reliable feedback in real-time allowing you to tailor your marketing strategies based on behavior, not demographics.  From property performance and lead generation to market trends and forecasts, DataDoor offers you the most accurate, in-depth data and real estate analytics to help you attract the right buyers and sell homes faster. 



With no WiFi connection or outlet needed, GENIEBOX can be installed in less than 45 seconds!  


5 in TFT tactile display with 800x600 resolution, quick touch response, and 170º viewing angle


5MP camera with HD video resolution


3-Watt full range & high-performance omnidirectional microphone

LED Lights

White LED’s shine light down to the signage hanging below as well as illuminating the custom branding inserts on two side panels. 


Stainless 20x13.5x6 in. cabinet

Talk Button

Aluminum 0.472 in push-to-talk button with LED lighting

Enivronment Sensors

  • Smart City Data, including but not limited to:

  • Air quality: particulate concentration (at 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 2.5, 5.0, and 10.0 um) and PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10 in standard and environmental units

  • Barometric pressure: 4.3 – 15.9 psi range with 0.002 psi resolution

  • Temperature: -40ºF – 185ºF with 0.018ºF resolution

  • Relative humidity: 0-100% RH with 3% resolution

  • Noise decimal sensing

  • Light radiation: 0 – 65000 Lux with 1

  • Lux resolution

  • Global Positioning (GPS)


GENIEBOX is for individual real estate agents, teams, brokerages, property managers, real estate marketing professionals, and AirBnB hosts alike!  

Be one of the 
first 200
customers with state-of-the-art real estate technology
curbside at your property.

Improving the quality and quantity of real estate prospect leads
Generating more property listing leads
Matching homebuyers and tenants with the perfect property
Decreasing the cost of customer acquisition
Closing more sales in less time

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